speakers buzzing

Love my 2.0 10 port hub, but the speakers I have plugged into the port buzz a high pitched whine constantly. Any ideas? I am not super teccchy! Just a girl who loves gadgets. Thanks

Hi Robin,

Thanks for posting! Sorry, a buzzing like that would be annoying!

Quick questions:

* What make/model of USB speakers are these? Or if they’re regular (non-USB) speakers, through what USB device are they connected to the hub?

* Does connecting the speakers directly to the PC make any difference?

* Does positioning of the wires on your desk in relation to the speakers (getting the speakers away from the wires) make any difference?

Thanks again - we’ll try find a solution for muzzling the buzzing!


Woo hoo Bernie! The speakers no longer make the noise after connecting them directly to the PC. THANK YOU!

Glad to have the buzz gone! I’m suspecting some interference at the speakers themselves (USB is digital so interference at that level wouldn’t manifest as a buzz, rather it will work perfectly or not at all). Glad the re-jiggering helped!