Sounds Cuts out on 1 Monitor

I am using the UD-3900 with an Atari VCS with Windows 10 Pro and 2 Sceptre IPS 24-Inch Computer LED Monitors, model number E249W-FPT. Both have speakers and I only get sound from the monitor plugged into the UD-3900. I would appreciate opinions on how to determine if this is a monitor issue, an issue, a Plugable issue or user error.

I suspect it is an a limitation of the Atari or how the Plugable device interacts with the Atari. I know the UD-3900 is not compatible with Linux and the Atari OS is based on Linux. The dual monitors will only work in Windows on this system. When I am working in the Atari OS, there is no sound from the single monitor plugged directly into the Atari. Unplug the UD-3900 and the sound returns.

Comments are appreciated.

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