Sound not passing through USB-C docking station

Using UD-CA1 with hp spectre( has been confirmed to be a working model for this dock). Everything has been working except for the sound. Cannot get sound from the jack on the docking station or the from the computer itself when the usb-c cable is connected.

Hi Nathan, thanks for posting! I am sorry to hear of this issue when using our dock and I will be happy to help!

Thanks for the description of the behavior you are seeing. Just to confirm, are you using the USB-C cable that came with our docking station?

Assuming you and just to clarify, when you have our dock connected to your system and headphones/speakers are connected to the headphone audio jack on the front of our dock, you are not hearing audio from the connected headphones/speakers nor are you able to hear any audio from your laptop’s speakers?

Lastly and just to confirm, is the USB Advanced Audio Device set as the Default Playback device within Windows’ Sound Settings while our dock is connected and speakers/headphones are plugged in (example screenshot below)?

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies