Sound is distorted and crackling USBC-CAP60

Audio is coming through crackling and distorted. Im using Streamlabs OBS. I have tried matching Windows and Streamlabs sample rate to 48khz, followed by a restart of everything, and still no fix.

Please help!


Thank you for contacting Plugable! I am sorry to hear that your USBC-CAP60 is not working as expected and we will be happy to assist you with this.

Our first step will be to gather some additional details.

  1. Can you please let us know what devices video you are trying to capture with the USBC-CAP60?
  2. Can you please let us know if you are also using the pass through HDMI port to pass video to a monitor or TV?
  3. Can you please let us know if you are connecting the USBC-CAP60 to a laptop or desktop computer, and the make and model of that device?

We do apologize for the trouble and I look forward to your reply.

Plugable Support

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