Software prob with a Dell computer.

I cant get software for the plagable vga adapter to install completely on a Dell inspiron gx260. No problem with other generic boxes.

Hi Srbdoc,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support! We’ll get you up and running asap! It’s good to know that the adapter worked with other generic boxes, that means it’s most likely not the device itself so we’ll look at the software as you suggest.

I’ll need a little more information in order to solve your problem with the Plugable VGA adapter. First, what OS are you running? If you are running Windows 7/Vista/XP the drivers should install automatically using Windows Update. If you are running one of these versions of Windows, is this machine connected to the internet?

Let me know about these two things and we’ll figure out where to go from there.

We’re here to help!

Running Win xp sp3. I installed the latest drivers and it worked for a brief period then one day the control panel icon disappeared and the 2nd screen would no longer come on even though it appears in graphics settings and even after i checked the box than says “extend desktop to this monitor”.

Hi Seth,

Thanks for the reply with the details about your setup. It’s strange that the control panel icon disappeared after having been there. Let’s check on the drivers through Device Manager.

Possibly the easiest way to do this is to click on the Start Menu and then click on run and enter “devmgmt.msc” into the box. When Device Manager starts, near the bottom of the list you should find an entry for USB Display Adapters. Inside this entry should be a listing for Plugable USB-VGA-165. Double click on this entry and verify that the driver is installed correctly. It should list DisplayLink Corp. as the provider. What is the version number?



Yes driver is correct. Version 5.6.31854.0 4/10/2011

The device works perfecly on my generic box.

Hi Seth,

Please try updating to the latest DisplayLink drivers, they can be found here:…

Make sure it installs correctly and that the DisplayLink manager icon is in the notification area. Let me know how it goes!!


Most up to date driver was already installed and still no icon in notification area. Ive installed and uninstalled the software several times. Is there any known issues with Dell computers or their graphics chip sets? This has an Intel chipset.

Hi Seth,

Thanks for the patience, I’d like to have you run the Display Link Support Tool and send me the output. Here’s the link:…

Please run it and send the output to From there we’ll be able to figure out next steps.

Thanks Seth,

Did you get the report?

For the benefit of anyone who’s interested,

UGA-165 works in other computers and other USB devices work in original problem system. The support tool shows low level USB errors, we are currently working on trying a powered USB hub.

Not only did tried all usb ports, I tried 3 other dells with similar chipset and had same problem. The device works great on all other systems.


Hi Seth,

This is definitely strange behavior you’re seeing there on the gx260. Given that you’ve verified that the device is working with some other machines, we have to believe that there is something specific to the machine or chipset as you suspect (the system and the Intel 845G chipset are from the 2002-2004 timeframe).

If we were to go ahead, the next troubleshooting step we would recommend is to use an external powered hub between the gx260 and the Graphics adapter, to rule out any power issues.

But other than that, unfortunately, there’s few other options. We wouldn’t expect low-level USB issues like this to have a software cause, so there’s no opportunity to try things there.

We don’t ever want customers stuck with hardware that won’t work for their setup. We’ll be happy to give a full refund. Please contact us at for that, if you do decide to return the device instead of use it with another of the (working) systems.

Sorry we don’t have better options or better news.

Thanks for your patience,

Just to see if it is a software issue I did a fresh install of Win Xp sp3 and I get the same problem. I really think its an issue with the Intel graphics chipset. The un fortunate thing is that I have many of these boxes so the device is useless to me. Thanks for you help.

Hi Seth,

Thanks for your patience and sorry we didn’t have better news for you. If you find out anything else of interest, let us know; we all ways want to learn more about our products. And if we find any more information, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Thanks again for your patience,
Happy Holidays,