Snap-Shot Button wont work on all PC's?

Why does my snapshot button work on my desktop pc with windows 8.1 but I can’t get to work on my laptop with windows 7 - I installed the software from the original disc that came with my Microscope on both pc’s but I have to click on the camera or capture to get a picture on my laptop - the snapshot button only works on my desktop? Any idea’s why this might be?

Hey Lora,

Thanks for asking about this!

This is most likely happening because the background service that’s used to detect the microscope button on your Windows 7 machine is failing to initialize properly.

You should be able to verify whether it’s running or not by doing the following:

  • Right click on your task bar and click “Start Task Manager”
  • In the Processes tab, look for a program called “vmuvc.exe”

If you don’t see that program, then the snapshot button won’t work. If so, I’d be happy to help figure out why if you could contact me at


Sam Morgan
Technical Support Analyst
Plugable Technologies