Slow Transfer using USB2 Gigabit Adapter

I have gigabit lan-new cat 6 cables, dir 655 router and Syno DS 411j.
I have PC winxp sp3 with gigabit NIC card xfer to and from NAS at 27 MB/s and 29 MB/s, not the fastest but good enough. I bought adapter to get better speed on another pc sim specs but no gigabit port. Xfer to and from NAS is only slightly better than native 100mbps port. I get 11-13 MB/s up and a very low 4MB/s download. Any tweaks on the adapter I can do?

Hi Art,

Thanks for posting your question here! The only tweak that can be done on the Plugable USB2-E1000 Gigabit Adapter is to enable Jumbo Packets.

If Jumbo Packets are supported by your network you would see a better performance by enabling it on the Adapter.


Hi Roze,
I did enable JP on both NAS and adapter, Dir 655 has no settings that I can find. I’ve asked Dlink but no logical answer. There is an MTU setting but it’s for the WAN side of the router. With JP enabled no improvement. Tried adapter on my laptop, same xfer speed as my PC. So any other suggestion are welcome.