Slow speeds with USB3-E1000 on new Dell Inspiron 7573

I have a 1 gig internet connection with my ISP, Comcast. However, with my new computer, I could only get 30 mbps connect speed when connecting wirelessly. I assumed it was a slow speed Network Interface Card. However, when I connected with the USB3-E1000, I still am only getting 30 mbps connect speed. I am using a new Dell Inspiron 7573 computer, running windows 10. I expected to get speeds close to 500+ mbps with the USB3-E1000. Any suggestions?


Thanks for your post! I’m sorry for the slow connection speed you’re experiencing. We definitely expect better speeds than what you’re observing.

Unfortunately, on many newer Dell Inspiron models, Dell has elected to include an application called SmartBytes that has been observed to result in slow network speeds due to the method in which it prioritizes network traffic. We have a blog post covering this problem along with some troubleshooting steps here:

Our recommendation is to remove the software as this has typically resulted in the best outcomes, but you could also try disabling it as well. If you are still experiencing poor network performance could you please send us ( ) a PlugDebug following the instructions at this link?

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Derek Nuzum
Plugable Technologies

Derek, thank you very much. I followed your instructions and disabled the Smartbytes application on my new Dell and did a speed test with the USB3-E1000 plugged in… my connection jumped to 834 Mbps!!! Even on a wireless connection I got 446 Mbps! I can’t believe Dell would include a program on their computers to throttle internet speed to such high degree.
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Hi GeeTee,

Glad we could help! The application behavior is definitely puzzling to us as well, but, luckily, it’s a relatively easy fix to get things back in order!

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