Slow screen after upgrading from Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate

Hi. I now get a very slow response when resizing windows or moving windows into the screen. I have Ultimate 7, USB 2 and uga-2k-a. Everything was fine win Home. I installed new pluggable drivers this evening.

Hi Jay - Thanks for contacting us!

It’s likely a software / configuration thing that got changed or left behind in the switch of OS versions.

We’ll try to hunt to see what it might be. Could you email with the output of DisplayLink’s support tool? Here’s how:…

We may also later as for output from our own support tool, which gathers some different data (a more complete inventory of driver versions and install history for all devices) which might be useful in this case:

Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for sending in those logs so we can try to figure out what changed in the upgrade to Ultimate on that machine!