Slow Ethernet/Internet on my Chromebook (HP Chromebook x360)

When plugged into the docking station I am seeing very slow up and down speeds, in the ballpark of 3 Mbps both up and down. When I unplug from the docking station and use my WiFi, which I am very far away from the router, I’m getting about 20 down and 5 up. I pay the cable company for 250 down and 20 up. One of the main reasons I purchased this docking station is to get faster internet speeds on my HP x360 Chromebook from my home office. The Chromebook does not have a native Ethernet jack, so I needed the docking station to achieve this faster and more reliable connection.

Is there a way to access the settings from a chromebook and fine tune the connection, etc? Can somebody please help?

Hi Kory,

Thanks for posting!

Could you please see the following questions?

  1. Have you tried power-cycling your router or modem to ensure its working at a good state?
  2. Have you tried to swap out the Ethernet cable with a different one to rule out a cabling issue?
  3. If you have another USB-C system available, could you try connecting it to the dock and observing if you see the same Ethernet issue?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do to manipulate networking settings as ChomeOS does not expose this to the user for editing.

Thanks for giving us a chance to help!


Hello Mitchell,

Thanks for the quick response, the above issues did not seem to work so I took your trouble shooting method to the next level. I plugged the docking station directly into my modem and had great speeds. I then plugged it into my router and the speeds were the same 3Mbps. Turns out I needed a new router. It was not a plugable issue at all. I do thank you all for the quick response and support. I apologize for the rookie move. I should have tried that prior to hitting up the forums.

Thanks for the update, Kory! I’m glad to hear you were able to better isolate the issue, although I’m sorry it’s not exactly a clean solution.

No worries regarding the issue – we’re always glad to help. I’ll be closing this thread, but should you have any future questions or concerns, please feel free to open a new topic or contact us directly at