Slow copying speed with plugable USB 3.0


I recently purchased PLUGABLE USB 3.0 , 7 port system for connecting
multiple drives at once and to get higher copying speeds.

I use below i MAC 27 inch with 32 GB RAM as I am wedding photographer and
always in need of more RAM.

I have approx 8 1 & 2 TB external drives all of SEAGATE & WD, all of them
with USB 3.0 suppport and wanted to copy data from one drive to another
drive to arrange them in order.

Here is my observation giving some examples.

  • While copying 200GB drive from one to other drive it takes 4 hours, OMG
    that’s too much time I guess, when I use to copy same data …directly
    connecting 2 drives in IMAC USB ports…time was way to less…can you
    suggest what can be the problem

FYI :- During the time of copying no Lightroom or Photoshop is in use or
any similar software.

Also as i purchased unit 15 days back so I am assuming it;s of latest

Rds !](](

Hi Robin-

I’ve requested additional system information in private email. Please reply there so as to avoid posting these details on our public forum.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies