Skullcandy SB2 phantom button press

Alright so my headphones keep randomly beeping, so I assumed it was a software hiccup and turned them off and back on; It continues. It makes the same noise as when the volume up button is pressed and it’s already at full volume. This happens more often now, and it even switches song at times (as if you had held the button down for 3 seconds, a normal function), and it’s really started to piss me off. Sometimes it can go hours without doing anything and other times it’ll have a fit and switch songs and beep violently. Any help?

I most commonly use the SB2 with my LG Lucky. After testing them with my Verizon Tablet, they work fine. This is inconvenient, because they are my go-to public headphones and my lucky is the only phone I can afford.


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about this issue, it does sound frustrating.

Unfortunately, based on the problem described here, I am unsure how we can help.

Have you tried contacting Skullcandy or LG about the issue?

Does the issue occur when using the headphones with a Plugable product?

Thank you,

Plugable Support