Silence causes problems

While listening to talk radio, there will be a few seconds of silence. I can hear the bluetooth cut out, and it comes back on when it detects audio again (somebody starts talking). The problem is that it cuts off the first part of the words when the person starts talking again. Is there some setting I can use to disable that? I imagine it is done to help the battery last longer. Thanks in advance

Hi Kellie,

Thank you for posting your question. Our adapter doesn’t have this feature, so I’m wondering if it might be a feature of the headset you are using or of the software you are using to stream the talk radio station.

Could you please tell me the make and model of your headphones or speaker?

Plugable Support

GranVela® Q8

I understand that this is not a problem with the plugable adapter.

I will research more about the bluetooth headset. Thanks for your reply.