Signal drops and must restart receiver

I just purchased your USB 2.0 Audio Adapter and love it. However, occasionally I drop signal and must restart the receiver. I’m not sure why. The distance from dongle to receiver is 10 feet, and it never crashes while I’m listening to a specific program, only when I change browsers or don’t use the system for a time.

Thanks in advance for your assistance to my dilemma.

Dallas Kinney

Hi Dallas,

Thanks for posting! Yes, power saving can kick in and drop the connection. The receiver must be on and the PC’s USB adapter connected to (re)establish the connection.

The reason why the receiver must be on (and can’t be woken from the “off” state by the PC), is listening for the wireless connection is a main power draw, and would quickly drain the AAA if it were listening all the time.

Just to confirm that it’s just this - can you post a little more detail on what you’re seeing – that is, when you see the connection dropped, is the LED on the top of the receiver off at that point? And holding in the power button on the receiver for a moment turns it back on and re-establishes the connection (assuming PC is also on)?

And given the power behavior described above, does it seem that things are working, or is something wrong?

Perhaps we can identify a workaround that will get you get in that direction…

Thanks again for your purchase and your post!