Signal conflict?

I’m considering buying the Plugable 4.0 Dongle, for use on my Toshiba laptop w/ Win 7 Pro X64. I currently use a Logitech Wireless Mouse, because the laptop mouse pads are terrible, IMO. I want to use the dongle to connect to the internet via Bluetooth from my HTC smartphone. Any issues that I should know about?

Hello JD,

Thank you for your message.

Honestly, I think if your primary goal is to use Bluetooth for the purpose of tethering… you’re better off using another method.

Using only Bluetooth, theoretical transfer speeds cap out at about 3mbps, but realistically will cap out closer to around 2.1mbps (268kbps).

Bluetooth is designed mostly for simple data communication with a focus on energy conservation. For tethering to a phone, it is best to use a wired USB connection, or Wi-Fi tethering to get better performance results.

If you still would prefer to use Bluetooth, our adapter does support Bluetooth network profiles, but it can still be less than straight forward to configure.

I am sorry if this is not the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it helps.

My main method is USB tether (my carrier has my hotspot blocked), and I live out in the boonies somewhat, so internet is a luxury at the prices the rural ISP providers charge. When I have the time to sit down and “surf”, I’m good with the USB. This would be more of a “quickie” setup where I don’t have to go hunting cables etc. Just wanted to be sure it was a viable option.

Thank you for your quick reply!!