Shows smoke on 1 screen it goes only if i restart

I have 2 screens. My system locked after 30/60 minutes if i don’t do any thing on my system. if i logged back again, it shows light black smoke on lower right hand side corner on 1 screen. if i restart the system black smoke goes away. For last 5 days only i have this issue.


Hi Viji,

Thank you for posting!

The behavior you describe to the best of my knowledge is not something we have seen reported before, so our next step is to get some additional information.

Given that the information I requested is personal and specific to you, I have reached out to you directly via email so that you may provide it to us outside of our public forum.

Moving forward, please respond only to my direct email so that we can keep all communication in one place.

Once the problem has been resolved, I will update this thread accordingly for the benefit of others.

Thank you,

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