Shipping Container Challenge

My granddaughter just moved into a surprisingly nice remodeled shipping container (True).
Wifi signal is available outside the “metal box”, but of course not inside. Is there a reasonable way to pipe the signal into the box? Some sort of antenna through the wall and broadcast dongle inside?
I realize this is kind of “public service” request, but I’ve had such good experiences with Plugable and their support that I thought I’d try.
Thank you for any help or pointers to resources.
Need my address changed to (couldn’t find where to do that).

Regarding your question about the Wi-Fi signal. It is difficult to answer without knowing all the hardware involved in the network configuration. Though, I suspect the easiest solution would be to use a Wi-Fi Mesh Router, with a cable connecting to a node located inside the container.

With regards to the email address change. It appears that your email address is configured to the one that you’ve mentioned, but that a different email address has been set as your “name” on our message board.

I hope this helps!

This is very helpful. The commercial cable input is in a house about 30 feet from the container. As I understand you, the best answer would be a physical coax cable exiting the house and buried across to the container. Alternatively, could a mesh router in the house broadcast a strong enough signal to be picked up by some sort of antenna (?) on the outside of the container and then cabled through the metal wall to a broadcasting node inside? Also, what sort of “node” would work here? Something from Plugable, I hope, since your stuff is so good.
Sorry for dragging this out. I’m used to conventional Bluetooth and cabling, but this broadcast stuff puts me back in the “noob” category.
Thanks for your advice.

Currently we do not produce routers or switches. We do not offer a mesh router solution.

For a mesh router, the nodes are linked together using Ethernet cabling. Cat 5e Ethernet cabling allows for 100m runs of cable, so the distance you need to cover isn’t a problem.

I would recommend doing some more general research on sites like YouTube regarding mesh routers and how they work to get an idea of how to set it up for your needs. There are a lot of options out there from different vendors.

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