Shift Key Doesn't Work on Android with Swype?

With the Swype (Nuance) keyboard installed and active on Android Pie, the shift key on the Plugable keyboard (and probably competing physical keyboards) doesn’t work for alpha characters: all letters are rendered lower-case. Ironically and frustratingly, it works fine with like non-alpha characters (e.g., Shift+4 gets me a $).

To be the clear, the issue is with Swype interfering with the physical keyboard behavior, and Nuance is the proper support provider on this issue - but they’re not exactly responsive, so I’m posting here in hopes that you might have some idea as to how to address the issue.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for reaching out!

We’ve had reports of this issue from customers as far back as 2017, so it’s bee happening for quite some time. Disabling Swype will fix the issue, but beyond that, we don’t know what may be causing it or any workaround that allows you to retain Swype.

If you hear from Nuance on this issue, we’d love to hear if they come up with a solution so we can help others that hit this!

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