Several Problems With HP Spectre x360 15" (Games/Disconnection from Drives/Screen)

Hi -

I’ve just spent over a week pulling my hair out because my games were running worse on a 4 x better spec machine (new HP laptop) than my previous machine. I just tried some games disconnected from the Plugable hub (UD-ULTCDL) entirely, and they run blisteringly fast.

Problems I’m having with the HP Spectre x360 15" through the UD-ULTCDL with a second monitor…

  • hard drives randomly disconnect from the hub, to appear maybe 20 seconds later. Sometimes one external drive in isolation, sometime all 3 or 4 drives at once.
  • games through Steam run terribly. Poor resolutions on second screen, slow run speeds etc etc
  • 2K and 4K connections to second monitor seem to disconnect randomly, or completely, forcing me to re-install the displaylink plug-ins/drivers to get them back. It will then break and do the same thing again a week or two later.

The inconsistency of the product is very disappointing, particularly considering the large cost. Is there anything that can be done about it please??


Hello Eduard,

We’ve reached out to you directly via email requesting some additional information. Please be on the lookout for it.

Thanks and best wishes!

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