Settings not standard across accounts on system.

Installed the most current versions of the software onto a Win7 32bit Kupa tablet. Everything works fine, the video has the proper resolution on the tablet and the external monitor (1366x768), and there is sound. The user account used for the installation was the first account setup on the Kupa, an admin user.

But, what I am seeing now is in any other user account setup after that, non-admin or even when I enabled the real Administrator account, the only resolution available is 1024x768., and there’s no sound. So the icons are huge on both the Kupa tablet and the external monitor. Why is it that the installed account user’s setup is correct and no other user’s setup is the same as the installed user, even the real administrator? We don’t want the admin user to be the standard user.

How do we get this to work in other account on the system?

Hi Alice,

Thanks for contacting us! We’ll be able to help.

Yes, Windows keeps different settings for different users. So our first theory is this is just a settings issue - that all the drivers for the hardware are installed already (from your Admin users’ account).

Can you try two things:

  1. Might the non-admin account is configured to mirror the displays, hit the Windows-P hotkey and select “Extend”. Does this help?


  1. The default audio device for the non-admin account may also be different. Does making the USB audio device the default in Windows’ “Sound” control panel help?


Thanks for letting us know - from this, we’ll be able to figure out next steps.

Best wishes,

Hi Bernie,
Thanks for the quick reply. If I am logged in as the non-admin user and I try to extend the display, the res is no different. I even tried going in and adding the user to the Administrators group, then logging back in as that user, and now it in fact says the resolution is 1366x768, but visually it is still the 1024 x 768.
I even activated the “real” administrator under windows 7 and that user has the same issue - this only seems to work right for the user that installed it.

As to the sound, once I set it back to the Realtek built-in device, I now have the
sound again, under any account. So that is working fine.

Any more ideas on the screen res? This is really crazy.



Hi Alice,

It’s great to know that setting the default audio device helped on that one.

On the resolution, if Windows is saying 1366x768, that is the pixel resolution in use. Sometimes desktop backgrounds or default font sizes (which are per-user settings) can cause confusion – they’ll make the same resolution appear different in terms of how the screen is filled. Can you say what you’re seeing that’s 1024x768?

Thanks for your patience,

Hi Bernie,

I fixed the issue by logging out of the user account, logged in as the admin and removed the user account. Re-created the user account and included them in the admin group, logged in as the newly created user, and the resolution was set and showing correctly. Logged off as the user, logged in as my admin, removed them from the admin users group, logged back in as the user and the settings are still fine, everything looks good! And the sound is still working, too.

Issue resolved, thanks for the help! We are good to go with the Kupa and the Pluggable!

Kind regards,


Hi Alice - Glad you’re up and running! Thanks for the update!