Selecting USB-C Hub That Works Well w/ Viewsonic TD1655 Touch Capability + Samsung S23 Ultra For DeX

I am hoping to create a DeX workstation. I have a Viewsonic TD1655 that supports touch events as a monitor. To minimize the amount of wires, I was hoping I could purchase a USB-C hub that allows for video, data, and power on one port only such that a user could have:

S23 Ultra - USB-C Hub - Viewsonic TD1655

The dashes above represent a USB-C cable.

My expectation is the hub would be able to connected to a wall outlet to provide power to both S23 Ultra and Viewsonic TD1655.

Please advise if I may clarify my question.

Hi there,

I understand that you are looking to set up a DeX workstation using your Samsung S23 Ultra and a ViewSonic TD1655 monitor, and you seek a USB-C hub that supports video, data, and power through a single connection to help reduce cable clutter.

Ideally, the hub you require would need to support a USB-C output that can provide both video and power passthrough.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a hub that would fit this criteria. As our devices, such as the UD-CUBE-15W (Seen here → or USBC-7IN1E seen here → only provide an HDMI output. Though they do support power pass-through, your ViewSonic TD1655 monitor would require a DP Alt Mode or Thunderbolt USB-C connection from the hub in order to support video and touch screen.

We also noticed that you had reached out to us directly through our support channel. We have replied to that request with some further suggestions about possibly using a Thunderbolt docking station. We ask that you please feel free to respond to that email through the channel, and we would be happy to continue to discuss your configuration with you.


Michael S.
Product Support Specialist
Plugable Technologies

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