Seems to have died right away

UGA-165 first use: Light on at first, PC blue-screened while installing drivers, now no light and no display. Uninstalled and reinstalled device OK, PC recognizes UGA-165 but no external displays show up in Windows properties. Still no power light. Dell Latitude E6520, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

Hi Robert,

Sorry for rough first experience - the LED con’t come on unless both hardware and drivers are happy, and it sounds like this is a conflict between older DisplayLink drivers (perhaps from the CD) and a newer PC (with recent nVidia/ATI drivers).

What we’d recommend is to install the latest DisplayLink drivers version 5.6 M1, available here:… first

And then plug in the adapter.

Can you please give that a try, and let us know if all’s well in that case?

Thanks for your patience!

After uninstalling the old drivers and files, an attempt to run the downloaded file results in an abort/failure:

I did plug the adapter into another (XP) laptop and it works OK. Also works on a Win 7 32-bit desktop after installing the default drivers then upgrading to the 5.6M1 driver.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your patience, and thanks so much for the great datapoints that the adapter & driver works with two other systems, yet still is stuck on this one.

When that “Failed to install DisplayLink Core. Installation of DisplayLink Graphics cannot continue” is shown, it usually means DisplayLink’s driver installer has actively detected something wrong that would keep the driver from working (so it refuses to install).

The most common reasons are

  1. The primary graphics on the system isn’t running a WDDM driver (your laptop has Intel/nVidia graphics so if you’re not running VGA, you should have WDDM drivers)
  2. Incompatible OS version (You mentioned yours is Win7 64-bit, which is fine - so this isn’t it)

To double-check on #1, could you check that you’re running the latest Intel/nVidia drivers for the graphics on your laptop?

Then, if install still fails, run the DisplayLink Support Tool to gather more detailed information on what’s going wrong. Here’s how:…

And then just email the .zip file it generates to

Thanks again for your patience and for gatherhing this info! We’ll figure out what’s different about this machine.

The adapter has been transferred to another machine (Dell Inspiron 580 Desktop, Win 7-64, Intel graphics) where it’s working as it should. It must be something with the nVidia drivers on the E6520. I will revisit this thread if I get another chance to use a UGA-165 on an E6520. Thanks for your help.

Hi Robert - Thanks so much for this update! If you do ever go back to the E6520, a refresh of the nVidia drivers (via…) definitely would be a first step, followed by latest DisplayLink drivers.

But very glad the adapter is in good use now on the 580.

Thanks again,