Secondary Monitor Not Detected

I have 2 identical monitors and the second one is not detected. The first monitor is connected to the plugable device via HDMI and the second monitor is connected via HDMI then DVI to HDMI adapter. This setup has worked for nearly 4 months then just stopped. I take my laptop to and from work. @ work I have another identical plugable device but with 3 monitors. The only thing that has changed was the installation ( @ work) of an epson scanner to my laptop.

I was going to try connecting the second monitor via DVI but sadly my monitor only has 2 x HDMI + 1 VGA.

Hi Keith,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us, I am sorry that you are experiencing issues, but I would be happy to assist!

Based on the information you supplied, it sounds as if the Plugable dock at work performs correctly, even with the additional displays and the printer connected, but your home setup and Plugable dock does not perform correctly. Is this correct?

If this is true, then most likely we are not dealing with any software related issues, and it may just be a hardware problem, but if neither of them are working and they are the same Plugable dock, then we may need to upgrade the firmware on the one you have at home, if its needed, or get a replacement device sent out ASAP.

If you could, please follow up with the Amazon Order ID Number and Serial Number for the dock, and email it to, with “Ticket #182276” as the subject line, and we can work on resolving the issue!

Thank you for your patience,
Product Owner & Technical Support

I just sent over the email.