secondary monitor doesn't refresh the image correctly

was using plugable usb2.0 docking station with a secondary monitor. When I drag a window into the secondary monitor it doesn’t render correctly. seems to have specific behavior with specific programs.
1). open office document can be opened, you can see the txt being typed and saved and everything is good
2). solitaire, you can pull the cards however the image isn’t refreshed
3). chrome browser when i pull up a screen and ie, roll the mouse wheel down to see the bottom of the page it will go but it doesn’t refresh, I know this is the case because because when i drag it back to the laptop monitor i can see that i have moved down the page.

Everything was working okay ( to even outstanding) until very recently - update of some sort perhaps?

plugable 2.0usb docking station on a toshiba satellite L775 with a secondary display benq fp202w monitor.

i see your - Get emotional!..
i don’t really get emotional - just want to have a resolution

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for posting here! We have had a flood of tickets the last few days because a Windows update deployed by Microsoft on 2/27/2013 is leaving Windows systems in Basic mode, which then causes problems, because the most stable drivers for Windows 7 depend on Aero to work well.

The cause of the issue is Windows update KB2670838. So please try to uninstall this update. Here is how to identify the update and uninstall it;

  1. In Control Panel, click on Uninstall a program under programs. This opens up the Programs and Features window. On the left pane you would see a link that says View installed updates. If you click on that link you should see something like the screenshot in the link below:…

  2. Enter KB2670838 in the searchbox as shown in the screenshot in the link below:…

  3. The update will show up like in the screenshot given below:…

If you double click on this update, Windows will ask you if you want to uninstall this update. Click yes to uninstall this update.

Uninstalling update KB2670838 should fix your issue. If it does not fix the issue or you continue to have trouble, could you please run the DisplayLink Support Tool (instructions here:…) and send us the .zip generated by it on the desktop as an attachment at with your Amazon Order ID and a link to this thread.

This will give us a better insight to what is going on the software side. Once we analyze the .zip, we will figure out the next steps.