Second Plugable USB 3.0 Dock Doesn't See New Drive

I bought a second Plugable 3.0 Dock and got it today with a WD 1 Gig Caviar Blue Drive.

I have an initial drive (same model) that I used on the first one. I encrypted it with Truecrypt.

I tried the new drive in both Plugable Docks I have and nothing happens in either one. Does this mean I got a bad hard drive or is there something else I’m missing?

I’m pretty sure the last drive I put in was recognized almost immediately and Windows 7 asked if I wanted to initialize it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Doc,

Thanks for posting! Just to confirm - the old drive works on both docks, the new drive works on neither - is that right?

There isn’t a reason to expect particular drive incompatibility, so we’ll try to rule that in/out next …

Thanks for confirming, and we’ll figure out next steps …

The old drive works on both. Initially it kept disconnecting over and over (on the new one) and Windows said I should use a USB 3.0 port (which I was), but now both docks seem to be working fine with the old drive.

The new drive doesn’t work on either dock.

I solved my own issue.

I needed to do this first:…

Hi Doc,

Glad you’re up and running! Let us know if any other questions come up - it’s great to have you using multiple SATA docks there on that machine.

Best wishes!

Thanks Bernie.

Here’s a snapshot. !](](

Cool! It’d be neat to get that up on Amazon where lots of people would see it. Here’s the link to do that (specific to the product):…

Thanks again!

So, once you contacted WD, what was the fix? Nicw picture.
Lawson Stevenson


If you go to the customer service link at WD it explains the process……

Essentially you need to initialize the hard drive before it will show up under your drives. I did it the first time but forgot about that when I got the second Plugable.