Second Monitor support on "all in one PC".

Can I add a second monitor to an “all in one computer” using the plugable product? The “all in one” I have in mind is the HP Omni 120xt Desktop. There is no tower as everything is built into the monitor/cpu unit.

Hi John,

Yes, no problem. Our adapters like the will work on a system like that. With a powered USB hub, you could even add up to 6 additional adapters and monitors if you want to get crazy about it.

The Core i3 processor and Intel graphics will perform well with USB graphics adapters.

The only thing we look out for on on-in-one systems like this is touchscreens - sometimes touchscreen drivers/software are written to assume only a single monitor (so when multiple monitors are attached, the position reported for touch events is incorrectly stretched across the whole desktop).

Some touch software is fine, but it’s always good to check first.

But for the HP Omni 120xt Customizable Desktop PC, which doesn’t have a touch screen anyway, all’s well.

Let us know if you have any questions, and if you feel like replying back here to let us know how things go, we’d love to hear it.


TIcket #34648 I have a touch Dell XPS 18 tablet. The second monitor comes up but I can not drag anything to the screen. There is a setting (setup) that says to touch the screen if it is the #1 screen the instructions on Microsoft say follow instructions It asks to calibrate and do I want the system to change, but I am not computer savy and I do not know what to do after that. This may be the problem.