Second monitor is light blue

This product had been working fantastically since I bought it a few weeks ago…until Friday afternoon. All of a sudden, the monitor turned a pale shade of blue. I’m using a Max with OSX 10.8, with the most recent driver (1.8, I believe), and the machine no longer recognizes that I’ve got a second monitor.

I’ve ensured all connections are solid and tried swapping monitors and cables, to no avail. The green LED on the device is flashing rapidly (~10 times per second), although I don’t recall if that’s different than what it used to do.


Thanks for contacting Plugable. Sorry for the difficulties with a Plugable product. Please send your Amazon Order ID for the product to so that I can get more details about the exact model of Plugable adapter you own.

You can use the subject “Order details for Aaron” to make sure it reaches me. I’ll reply with next steps once I hear from you.

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