Second monitor is blue.

When I plug in the display adapter to my second monitor the picture on the screen is blue. Even if I go into the display setting and try to adjust the colors, blue & all that is diplalying.

Hi Dena,

Thanks for posting! Can you say what operating system are you running?

Trying to rule out the easy things – is your desktop background (on the main monitor) also the same shade of blue?

If so, try moving the mouse off the right hand side and left hand side of your main screen - do you see it appear on the USB attached monitor?

If so, take a look at the DisplayLink User Manual for more steps for configuring a new monitor: http://displaylinkmanuals.s3.amazonaw…

If there’s still trouble, just let us know - we’ll be able to help.

Thanks again!

I am running Windows 7.
My Desktop monitor (on the main monitor) is fine. There is no color cast to it.

Hi Dena,

Are you able to move the mouse and drag windows over the monitor fine?

If the problem is a blue tint but everything else is fine, a next most common problem that generates a blue tint is a loose VGA connection.

Can you wiggle the cable & double check that the connection between the USB -> DVI adapter, the DVI->VGA adapter, and the VGA cable on both ends, are all tight? Did the tint change at all when things got tightened?

Thanks for your patience!

I replaced the DVI to VGA adapter and the colors are fine now. The adapter that shipped with the original product had a bent pin, so maybe I accidentally bent it when I attached it. It is working now.

I have to say, you guys have very quick customer service. Very helpful!!
Thank you.

Hi Dena,

Thanks for the update and glad you’ve got it!

Email us anytime for any hardware replacements, we’re happy to take care of it:

Thanks again for your kind words!

im having this problem but the cables and ends are fine

Hi Josh - Thanks for emailing us at so we can look at the details of what you have. Thanks!