Screen turned off with UGA-2K-A in Windows 8

I have installed the drivers of UGA-2K-A in windows 8 and once it’s installed, screen just turn off, and now pc only works in safe mode. I have removed drivers but it still no works. What can I do?

Hi Eric - Thanks for contacting us.

Just to confirm, you have the Windows 8 consumer preview release? (…)

And do you know what version of drivers you installed – e.g. from CD, which is probably version 5.6, or the latest from, which is version 6.3? For Windows 8 prereleases, you’ll want to follow along with the latest DisplayLink drivers.

With all recent versions of DisplayLink drivers you should be able to remove “DisplayLink Core Software” from Windows’ Programs and Features, and it will uninstall everything. If something goes wrong, you can use DisplayLink’s cleaner tool:…

Can you let us know what version information you can, and whether the cleaner tool gets you back to the desktop?

By the way, we’ll be happy to help here, but DisplayLink also directly has a forum for Windows 8, as Microsoft and DisplayLink both progress towards the final release. That forum is here:…

Thanks for letting us know so we can figure out next steps to get back to multiple monitors for you,