Screen Slowness with USB 2.0 Plugable with Samsung Monitor

I am running a HP 4420s probook attached to a plugable 2.0 trying to do dual monitors (laptop and Samsung monitor) with a Samsung 27" LED monitor. When I try and operate microsoft office products on the attached monitor they are not coming through on the screen well. When I move them around there is tremendous lag. Basically, it makes the screen unusable with those products. Any idea how I could fix that or is the plugable product simply not compatible with the samsung screen or my laptop? I’m running windows 7 profession, office 2013, and the laptop has a i5 processor.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for posting your question here! With our product connected to the system, could you run the DisplayLink Support tool (instructions here:…) and email the resulting .zip generated on the desktop to along with your Amazon Order ID and a link to this thread?

This will give us a better insight as to what could be causing the issue. Once we analyze the .zip we can figure out the next steps to resolve the issue quickly.