Screen shake with Yoga 910

I’m getting a screen shake/flicker on my Dell monitor hooked up to my Yoga 910 through the USB c Docking Station. I’ve tried updating drivers and playing with settings, but the problem persists. It’s not consistent, sometimes it’s constant, sometimes it’s rare, and sometimes the screen goes blank for a moment. Any thoughts on how to remedy the situation?,

Apologies if this is obvious and has already been ruled out. But this sounds like either a dodgy connection somewhere in the chain (connection to the screen possibly most likely) or a dodgy cable.

Thanks for the prompt reply. After I posted, I thought about the cable. Although it works fine with my TV, there may be compatibility problems with the dock and monitor. I’ll grab a new cable and see if that helps.

Since I last posted, I tried the connection with two cables that work with my TVs as well as a brand new cable. I also connected my monitor straight to the HDMI of another laptop to be sure the problem was not in my monitor and got a stable image. I tried the dock with the usb c port of another laptop, HP Elite Book, and had functionality with the keyboard and mouse, but no image. I tried both the “duplicate display” and “second screen only” settings. I’m very close to the end of the return window of the product and would like to eliminate the shaking. Are there any other ideas out there? By the way, the shaking is normally on the bottom half of the screen if that helps.