Screen repeatedly Blanks using USB-C to HDMI adaptor

Hi All.
I have a Dell XPS 13 model 9350 and the Plugable USB-C to HDMI 2.0 adaptor.…

When using the adaptor, the displays are not stable. The screen of both the external display and the display on the XPS will alternate between a blank black screen, and the correct display. Mostly it flips view every 2 seconds, although there are times it shows the correct displays on both the XPS and the External display for about 10 seconds or so. This behavior was present with the factory settings of the XPS 9350, and also present when I tried these things:

–Updated the system bios to version 1.4.4.
– Updated the thunderbolt driver to
–Updated the thunderbolt firmware to
– Swapped hdmi video cables.
– Tested each video cable with in other systems – They worked.
– Tested in 4K (3840x2160@60hz) mode, 800X600, and HD mode.
– Swaped monitors
– LG 49UH6500 in 4k mode. 4K works for other devices.
– Asus monitor supporting HD which also works for other devices.
– Went into the BIOS and turned off security for the thunderbolt port.

What should I try next to get this to work?

Will CC to amazon where I purchased this in case other are interested in the answer.

I also updated the video drivers to

I ran the dell driver update program this morning and it installed the Intel Serial IO Driver version 30.100.1519.7 ,A00.

It did not find any other drivers that it suggested needed updates.
I don’t have the adapter here right now to try it again, but I will let you know tonight if it fixes it.

Assuming it doesn’t, do you think I need to roll back to a earlier versions of drivers to match what you tested the 9350 with, or is it more likely the adapter is defective and I should return it for another? or is there a better solution?


Also forgot to mention that I am using this cable:…

Its a little old, but should have enough bandwidth. Still, if the cable is the problem it doesn’t explain why the same thing happens when the screen is set to low resolution.

This cable works when displaying 4K@60 with other systems.