Screen refresh rate issues on monitor with adapter

I have two monitors hooked up to the docking station; one is connected with HDMI, and the other is using the VGA/DVI adapter. The monitor with the adapter is listing a 60hz refresh rate, but I can see the screen refresh, not exactly flickering, but as if I’m really getting a lower refresh rate. I unplugged and reseated both ends of the adapter, but I’m getting the same display issue.

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for posting, and I would be happy to help.

Given the monitor using the HDMI output of the dock is working properly and your description of the behavior, the culprit is most likely the monitor itself, the VGA cable, or possibly the DVI to VGA adapter we include in the package with our dock (although having one of those fail is quite rare).

You don’t mention which specific model monitor you are using, but many monitors have an ‘auto-adjust’ feature available when an analog VGA input is in use that can help with symptoms like you describe. Can you go through the on-screen menu of your monitor to see if such an option is present and if so activate it to see if it helps?

If that doesn’t help (or if the option is not present) if you swap the current VGA cable with a new one, does that help with the behavior?

Thank you,

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