Screen refresh/data display very slow

I have recently purchased two of your USB 2.0 UGA Multi-Screen Adaptors. As an aside, one of the supplied USB cables was faulty at the plugable end, waggled it and it worked, waggled it and it didn’t. Anyway, my problem is screen refresh, each of the pluggable connected monitors take ages to receive and display changes. I know it’s probably my laptop graphics card? Is there anything I can get to improve the performance as it’s not much use to me as it is - Thanks Roger

Hi Roger,

Thanks for posting your question here! Could you run the DisplayLink Support tool (instructions here:…) with the adapters connected to the system and email the resulting .zip to as an attachment along with your Amazon Order ID and a link to this thread?

It will give us a better insight as to what is going on the software side and clues to what could be causing the issue. Once we analyze the .zip, we can figure out the next steps.