Screen lock removes the other three monitors.

Problem: When my computer auto locks (may occur on manual locking), all my monitors compress to one (the pluggable). I have four monitors. After logging back on, the Plugable monitor (#4) is the only monitor active. The other three are listed as “deactivated”. I cannot manually activate the monitors. I must reboot.

Please advise.

Back ground: I have a Dell Latitude E7240 in a docking station. On the dock I have two HDMI and one VGA port. Each of these are connected to a monitor. I just purchased a UGA-3000 and have attached to my computer. At attachment, the drivers were downloaded and installed. I was then able to configure the monitor as desired.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting in contact with us. I’d be more than happy to help you with your Plugable UGA-3000 display adapter. In order to better assist you, I’ll need a bit of additional information.

Could you please provide the logs produced by our tool Plugdebug, you can find it here and then send them to me at

Once we have those logs, we’ll start trying to figure out what exactly is going on with your setup.


Plugable Technologies