Screen keeps going dark...


Just got the UGA-2K-A and I am (trying) to use it with a third monitor. After a few days I am finding that it only works some of the time. It seems that when there is a lack of activity on that monitor (ie the 3rd one I have plugged into the PC via the UGA-2K-A) that it goes dark (almost like its in a sleep mode). If I drag a document or something over onto the third screen it comes on and starts showing the image (albeit it with a little bit of delay). Likewise, if its dark and I go into the windows display manager and press ‘identify’ the third monitor pops back to life (as you might expect) with the big ‘3’ on it (but then promptly goes dark again if there is no activity on the screen after a few minutes). Occasionally the lag on the third screen can also be a bit painful. When the screen is working (ie rendering an image and not dark) and I drag a window onto it sometimes it blurs, lags and pixelates. All very frustrating. Any advice on how to fix this or what’s going on here? As background, I am running 64-bit windows 7 if that makes any difference.



Hi - Thanks for posting!

In Windows, all monitors should power up and down together so what you’re describing sounds no right. Let’s get it figured out.

First off, does there seem to be any correlation between Windows’ setting for when to turn off displays, and when the USB attached display goes black (e.g. if you tell Windows to turn off displays only after hour or whatever, does screen go black in just a few mins)?


Thanks - we’ll get this figured out.