Screen goes black for few (mili)seconds

I have UD-3900 connected to Dell XPS 13. On UD-3900 I have 2 connected montitors. Both on resolution 1920-1200. Both of them are connected via DVI (with supplied HDMI/DVI adapter).
Monitor which is connected to DVI port (without HDMI/DVI converter) works fine, on other monitor (connected through HDMI/DVI) screen sometimes goes to black (for less than second) and after that picture comes back. It looks that problems occur when there is something very “graphics demanding” (for example switcing between tabs on browser, connect to remote desktop).

Hi Matej,

Thanks for posting and for the great problem report details. The best approach will be to collect a set of system logs right after the monitor blanking occurs. We have a log-gathering tool to simplify this process.

Could you please collect a set of logs after the blanking and email the resulting .ZIP file to (Subject: ticket 211149).

We’ll have a look and see what the best next steps will be.

(Also, I’m guessing you would have mentioned trying this if you had the option to test it, but if you happened to have a spare HDMI to DVI adapter or cable, that would be a helpful test.)