Schwab Trading Graphics Incompatability

To: Plugable
The application Charles Schwab StreetSmartEdge seems to be incompatible with my Plugable UGA-2K-A adapter. Other applications work fine. Can you assist me with this problem, before I must switch to another adapter?

Hi Eugene,

Thanks for posting! You are correct – Schwab’s StreetSmart Edge software is not compatible with any external USB-attached displays.

They explicitly list this restriction on their software page:…

They say: “Graphics 128MB video memory. External USB video devices are not supported”

So this would apply not just to ours, but all units of this type.

Now, that said, while you have the hardware, I would make sure to download the latest DisplayLink drivers, just to make sure there was nothing DisplayLink has done to get Schwab working recently. They’re available here:…

Please let us know if this latest driver does help. And if not, we try to protect customers of our products with no-hassle returns. Just visit and we (through Amazon) will get you a full refund as quickly as possible.

Sorry for the potentially bad news. Thanks again for posting to ask!

Thanks for the reply. Schwab StreetSmartEdge has told me their software does work on some USB video devices, and, indeed, it has worked for me with the Triton SEE2 UV150 video adapter. Schwab also said others have the same problem as I, but they have made a policy decision to not try to become compatible with all, hence their statement you reported. I have installed the latest driver updates, with no improvement for using Schwab with the Plugable.

I discovered the incompatibility with Plugable when the Triton failed. It’s been a couple of years since I bought three Plugable UGA-2K-A units from Amazon, but had never installed them. Upon replacing the Triton with a Plugable, all other applications worked fine, until the Schwab didn’t. I will need to purchase another adapter to use Schwab, but don’t expect to be able to return the Plugables to you after such a long time.

Thanks for the additional background Eugene! We have a ticket in with DisplayLink on this, and will let you know if they have any information that might help. Thanks again!