Saving a profile so that external monitor is autoselected when USB 3.0 cable from Plugable dock is connected.

Can I create a profile in a Windows 7 Samsung that will automatically use all settings, including the external monitor setup where “monitor 2” is the only one active when the laptop is started and the Plugable USB 3.0 cable is connected? I want to setup your product with numerous employees but it doesn’t seem to remember the monitor setup on a reboot and not everyone here is comfortable massaging the settings to get the external display to work at the proper resolution every time they restart their computers after bringing it home for the evening.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for getting in contact with us, I’d be more than happy to answer your question regarding the setup you are trying to create.

In general, we do not advise people to use a setup where the external USB monitor is set to be the primary and only display. If you had it set so that you are simply extending to all monitors, it should work properly and auto-extend when you restart or disconnect/reconnect the laptop.

As a note, Windows should remember the previous monitor configuration used, but it only remembers the last display configuration.

If you are looking to set up ‘profiles’ to remember different display configurations, you will need to look into using third-party software. We don’t do any compatibility testing with software like this on our end, so it may be difficult to troubleshoot should weird conflicts between the DisplayLink drivers and third-party software occur.


Plugable Technologies