sata hdd docking station USB 3.0 after 25 minutes drive no longer found

I have a sata hdd docking station USB 3.0. After 25 minutes I lose the drive in the middle of moving data. Swapped the USB 3.0 card and the cable, sill same problem. Did a bios update and it fixed the drive shutting off every 5 minutes but not dropping the drive totally every 25 minutes. Reboot only way to get drive back for another 25 minutes. USB 2.0 works fine with unit and never shuts down. Wendell

Thanks for posting, and sorry you’re seeing a disconnect.

Disconnects like that are usually caused by errors over the wire. The firmware update you applied (ultimately from the chipset maker, LucidPort ) increases error resiliency to the extent the firmware can now, but apparently it wasn’t enough.

USB 3 pushes all the cables and connections with it’s higher data rates, sensitive to any weakness. That’s why you don’t see a usb 2 problem. So let’s try to figure out what might be having trouble here.

Can you try two things:

  1. We’ve seen different USB ports on the host have different behavior. Can you try another, if you have them?
  2. The USB 3 cable is the next most common source of problems. Can you make sure the connection on both sides is tight, and that the cable itself isn’t looped in a bundle or tangled with other cables (straight is better)

If these tips don’t help, please just email and we’ll work with you on the hardware side to you up and running.

Thanks for your patience!

My New docking station from Amazon wont respond on the computer. Powered up, got a blue light then the light is solid red drive doesn’t show up on the computer. Please help