SATA HDD Docking Not recognized in Ubunto 14.04


Says it works with linux. What do I do?


Hi Tim,

We’ll want to have a look at some log files to get a better understanding of what might be causing the issue.

Can you please run our troubleshooting/log-gathering tool from the link below and email the output to

(Please make sure to have the dock and drive connected to your system when running the tool.)



Well I had a 1T drive in and it did not work. Tried a 500G HD. works fine. Think it might be my motherboard? Thanks!


Hi Tim,

Glad to hear a 500GB drive works - that should indicate that the dock is functioning properly.

I wouldn’t expect a motherboard issue with a 1TB drive. (Some older boards have problems with drives above 127GB, and some have problems above 2TB, but if a 500GB drive works fine I’d expect a 1TB should as well.)

Probably worth exploring a few factors relating to the 1TB drive:
-Was it originally formatted in a different model of enclosure? (Some enclosures format drives in a proprietary way that result in the drive being unreadable by standard, non-proprietary docks such as what Plugable makes.)

-Are we 100% certain that the drive is good? Is it possible to test it directly connected to the SATA port of a PC to see if it behaves the same way?

-When the drive is connected through the dock, is there any activity from the LED on the dock? Is the disk recognized in the palimpsest or disks/gnome-disks utility?

(Gathering the system logs as mentioned previously will hopefully provide some of these answers, so I’d still recommend collecting these logs and sending them in.)