Samsung monitor doesn't wake after sleep

I have a tbt3-udc3 docking station (brand new), with a brand new Samsung monitor & thunderbolt cable (included w/ monitor). Everything works fine with the exception that after the sleep (Windows 10), the monitor does not wake up. I have to unplug/replug in the USBC cable to the laptop every time.

Hi James,

Thanks for posting!

You mentioned a brand new Samsung monitor and Thunderbolt cable, which was included with your monitor. Can you clarify how this Thunderbolt cable is being used?

Next, is the Samsung monitor connected to the DisplayPort output or the HDMI port on the dock? Does the problem occur on both ports? You can use the included DisplayPort to HDMI adapter to help test that.

Pending the answers to the these questions, we may request some logs from your computer so that we know the particular laptop model and can better investigate further.

EDIT: We see that you’ve already contacted us at with some of this additional information. We’ll continue to assist over and email and will update this post as we learn more.

Thanks for giving us a chance to help!


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