Samsung DeX HDMI max resolution is only FullHD (1920x1080)

I’ve got Plugable UD-CAM dock and it works perfectly fine with my Dell Latitude 7480 laptop and USB, Ethernet and WQHD (2560 x 1440) Dell monitor.

Pretty much the same is applicable to my Samsung Galaxy S9 with only 1 exception - HDMI resolutions above FullHD (i.e. 1920x1080) are grayed-out in Dex settings (see attached screenshot).

Now given laptop works with the same monitor in its native WQHD resolution through the same dock all the hardware is in place, it is just some either incompatibility or misbehavior of the Samsung device I guess. What’s more if on the phone I switch from DeX to screen replication mode then real WQHD resolution is used - so again it seems to be some intentional limitation of DeX mode.

And my question would be if there’s something could be done to get higher resolutions of DeX working with non-Samsung docks as otherwise FullHD on 27 inch screen both looks blurry and doesn’t allow to use the screen estate efficiently.



Hi Alexey,

Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately, as you suggest, this is a frustrating limitation in Samsung DeX mode. Higher resolutions in Samsung DeX mode are dependent on the monitor, and even if the monitor supports 1440p, that does not mean DeX mode will allow it as a selectable resolution. There are reports that Samsung displays will allow higher resolutions, but from our testing this was not always the case.

Hopefully, Samsung will be able to lift these kinds of resolution limitations with future DeX updates, but as of this time I’m afraid there isn’t a feasible workaround.

Sorry to bear the disappointing news!


Hi Mitchell,

Thanks a lot for a prompt reply - I wish other vendors were that responsive!
I do hope too that Samsung eventually removes that inconvenient restriction similarly to how they allowed non-Samsung docs/cables to be used in DeX mode in their Android 9.0 update so we’ll see.

But for now maybe it worth adding that information about max resolution for UD-CAM similarly to how it’s done for your other cables?

And anyways this tiny thread might be good for documentation purposes so others may find this too.


Hi Alexey,

Thanks for the feedback here! I agree and I’ll update with the appropriate maximum resolutions for our DeX-compatible docks.

Thanks again!


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