Samsung Chromebook compatibility? (LAN & Display)

I’m looking for a VGA/DVI/HDMI adapter for my Samsung Series 5 Chromebook for use with projectors. I’d also love a LAN adapter if possible, are any of your product compatible with my model?

Hi Steven,

Thanks for asking ahead!

Drivers for our USB ethernet adapters are built into Chrome OS (with the latest updates). For example:

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case the case for any USB graphics adapters. There are no ChromeOS drivers for them, and there is no way for users to install drivers. So I’m sorry, we have no products that will help with the projector scenario for the Chromebook.

Hope that background helps. Thanks again for asking ahead!

Hi Bernie,
Can I check if this is still the situation, and if there are any efforts going on to change this? I have 4 Plugable UGA-2K-A video adaptors that I love, but they won’t work on my new Google Pixel Chromebook. Would love to find a solution.