Same setup, different performance

I have the exact same setup at home and in the office:

Lenovo Yoga 900 running Windows 10

3x screens:

1x NEC LCD2080UX+ - connected via DVI into Plugable UGA-3000
1x NEC LCD2090UXi - connected via DVI to HDMI
1x Dell E2417 - connected via VGA to Dvi

At home, this works perfectly. At work, it is nasty. Awful resolution, graphics look ‘scratchy’ if that makes sense. Bits missing because the resolution isn’t good enough. Lines missing in Outlook, Excel etc

When hovering over an item - such as a webpage button in Chrome bookmark bar - the detail it provides is MASSIVE. Like, 6 times the size it should be

Why would it be so radically different from home to the office, if the hardware is identical?


Thanks for contacting us!

That’s definitely strange that two identical setups would perform so differently. I’d like to grab logs from the offending system and see what’s going on here. Could you reach out to so I can give you instructions?

We haven’t heard back from you, so I’m hoping you were able to resolve the issue. If that isn’t the case, please feel free to follow up through