Rotating only 1 monitor with Multiple displays

I have 3 monitors connected to my USBC-768H4 adapter. I have my two side monitors vertical and my center monitor horizontal. I try to rotate them but when I try and rotate them, they all rotate. Is there anyway to rotate each monitor individually. I have a 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro with an Apple M1 Pro chip running Ventura 13.1.


Thank you for contacting Plugable! I’m sorry to hear that your USBC-768H4 is not working as expected, and I will be happy to assist you today.

This is indeed unexpected behavior. We would expect that you can rotate each display individually. May I ask if you are using the steps below?

  1. Right click or press Control + Click to access the menu on the InstantView application in the top right corner of your screen. (The icon is a small monitor).
  2. Select the ‘Display Rotation’ menu item, then select the monitor you wish to rotate and choose from 90, 180, 270 degree rotation.

Once again we apologize for the trouble, and I look forward to your next reply.

Plugable Support

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