Rikomagic android mini PC compatibility with Plugable 2.0 OTG micro-B to 10/100 Ethernet adapter


Is your usb - rj45 adapter compatible with this Rikomagic android PC:


Thank you.

Thank you for posting the question. Unfortunately we do not know if our USB2-OTGE100 Ethernet adapter works with Rikomagic android PC or not.

If Rikomagic android PC manufacture has built in the device driver of AX88772 chip set into the device, this adapter can work. If not, there is not any way to make it work because Android does not provide any mechanism for users to install any device driver.

In other words, it is completely Android device manufacturer’s decision.
Please contact the PC manufacturer if it supports AX88772 chip set.

Plugable keeps maintaining the compatibility list based on what we have heard from our customers, but we have not heard about Rikomagic android PC so far.

Sorry about this but hope this helps.

Plugable Technologies