Right angle USB-C cable for Plugable USB-C Triple Display Docking Station does not detect second monitor


I am trying to find a Usb-c right angle cable to substitute the default one, as the straight connector and cable are in the way of the mouse in a Microsoft Book. But I am having a hard time finding something which is 3.1 and PD (power delivery).

I found USB-c 3.1 right angle adaptors but they don’t mention PD, would them work anyway to charge the laptop?

Why is the shipped cable not right angle to begin with? Most laptops have the usb-c port on one side…

thanks in advance for the help!

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for posting!

USB-C right angle adapters (in which there is a female USB-C port) are not defined by the official USB Type-C Specification. This can be considered a USB-C extension cable which are not allowed. While you can still find them available on the market, Plugable does not recommend nor support their use with our devices.

I believe USB-C right angle cables that are USB-IF certified do exist but they are quite expensive, so it isn’t possible to include these cables without hiking up the price. I’m afraid that’s why you won’t see any company selling a USB-C dock that includes a right angle USB-C cable (as far as I’m aware).

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!


Hi Mitchell,

thank you for your answer.
I am actually still struggling find such a cable, independently of the price. As mentioned, I bought a USB-PD cable, turns out that it can handle only a single monitor. That’s probably because the USB standard is 3.0

On the other hand, USB cables that mention the standard 3.1, do not mention PD and I am not sure they gonna deliver power too?

Any chance you could provide the name of some compatible products?

I totally understand they could not be provided in budle with the docking station, but I would believe it could be a nice upgrade that ppl would be willing to pay for, as that thick cable can get very much in the way if the laptop has only the side usb-c port.

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Here’s a company selling USB-C right angle cables that claims to be USB-IF certified: https://www.newnex.com/usb-type-c-cables.php

That said, given that we haven’t tried this cable ourselves, we cannot guarantee it will be compatible with our docking stations. Please note that we cannot assist with any issues that involve third-party USB-C cables.



Hi Mitchell, very much appriciate the help!

Alas, as I suspected, the power delivery of these right angles is only 3A and not 5A as the normal straight ones, limiting the possibility to use one single cable for power and monitors :frowning:
I guess I will have to give up!

However, thank you very much again for assisting!

All the best,

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