RESOLVED: Screen lag and freezing

I just connected my UD-3900 and I am getting lagging and freezing on my display to the point that it is unusable. The laptop display runs fine as does the external display when connected directly to the laptop (via a DVI to HDMI cable), but as soon as I connect the display through the dock, the lag is there.

I have followed the steps from other posts and uninstalled (using the DisplayLink Cleaner) then reinstalled the drivers which did not fix the issue (Windows 10 Pro was completely up to date). Where to go from here?

Edit: Since my initial post, I connected the external monitor to the docking station with a standard DVI cable (monitor DVI out to dock DVI in), and I’m still having issues.

RESOLVED: For anyone else with the issues described here, i was able to resolve the issue by disabling hardware acceleration in the applications that caused issues.

My laptop has two video cards, the built-in as well as an NVIDEA add-on card. Apparently what was happening is applications were sending the hardware acceleration to the wrong card which caused a cascade failure. If you have a similar setup with lag issues, you may want to try this.

The downside of this is that I have to bypass my NVIDEA card as well as not being able to use hardware acceleration.

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Thank you for contacting Plugable support and welcome to our forums.

We’re sorry to hear about the computer lagging and freezing issue you are having and we are here to help. Since you’ve already run the DisplayLink cleaner and reinstalled the drivers the next troubleshooting step we’ll want to pursue is having your run our PlugDebug tool so we can gather further information about your setup to see what the issue might be.

Since the PlugDebug logs will have details about your computer system, please do not post them here and instead e-mail them to our support address at Please reference ticket #290310 in your e-mail so we can join that e-mail to this thread.

Please leave the Plugable device plugged into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:

I look forward to reviewing the logs and helping with this issue and please do let us know if you have any questions.

-Andrew T.
Plugable Technologies

Log files sent. Thanks.


Thanks again for working with us on this issue and for updating your post with the latest updates.

As you mentioned, we have recently seen issues with screen lag and freezing with Plugable products when used with some laptops that have the 10th generation Intel processors and also have discreet graphics cards, and we’ve seen several instances with the Dell Inspiron 5593 specifically.

A short-term resolution that has worked for multiple users is to disable the hardware acceleration setting in the programs that have this setting, such as Microsoft Office, Slack, Zoom meetings and Google Chrome.

The long-term solution appears to be installing updated drivers for the Intel graphics in the laptop, and users have been able to re-enable the hardware acceleration setting after installing the latest Intel graphics drivers on their laptops. These drivers are usually available directly from the manufacturer of your laptop.

Please contact directly if any assistance is needed or if you are seeing the same issue as this post.


-Andrew T.

Plugable Technologies

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