Resolution combinations available

Hi, was looking at the DL-3900 Chipset website at:…
and it mentions that it can drive one display at 2560x1600
Currently using the 4k usb-c alt mode on one display to do 1440p and it works great, the second monitor, an identical acer G257HU connected to either the HDMI port (1440p50) or the DVI port (2048x1152) offers conflicting information than the manufacturers website.

While I’m happy with having the 1440p50, it becomes noticeable and would love to achieve 60hz on the 2nd screen at 1440p

Is there something in the works to achieve this?

Update: the displaylink site fails to mention that to achieve higher resolutions you need to use the HDMI port, DVI/VGA caps out at 2048x1152 which is only shown when you click “Compare all Chipset Families”. Also mentions displayport would’ve achieved this. Wont delete this for visibility.

Thanks for posting and highlighting this, Rodrigo.

Just as you point out, the DL-3900 is only able to achieve 1440p60 if a DisplayPort output is implemented. HDMI is limited to 1440p50, and DVI/VGA 2048x1152.